Polyphen® can be used as part of a panel system to provide fire ratings. It is ideal in the construction of party walls where it slows the spread of fire.

Brewing companies have used the technology as fire protection in their wine tank storage farms whilst major engineering and manufacturing companies have used Polyphen® to protect their manufacturing facilities. From an architectural perspective fire rated design now doesn't need to be compromised because of fire rating regulations. Polyphen® can be installed in sheet or laminated form and can be profile cut to +/- 0.5mm. This opens up design opportunities that have been denied in the past.

How it works

Expanded Polystyrene and Phenolic Foam matrix

In a non-fire situation, the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Phenolic matrix provides strength and insulation and when rendered makes it suitable for the external cladding of domestic and commercial buildings.

In a scenario where a fire is in close proximity to the Polyphen® foam the Phenolic part of the matrix does not burn and maintains its shape and structure, even when the Expanded Polystyrene part would begin to melt if it was there by itself.

The Polyphen® foam remains in a honeycomb shape and it is this, which acts as a fire buffer. The physical structure of the Phenolic matrix remains in place providing increased strength when compared to a plain EPS sheet.

In addition to having good fire resistance, Polyphen® panels have been found to have low smoke generation, passing tests to meet FM Standard 4882 for Smoke Sensitive Occupancies.

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